Paragliding at Primrose Valley

Grid Reference: OS 1:50,000 – Grid 123787

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Wind Direction: E – ENE

Height: 90ft AMSL. One mile north to Filey, several miles South to Speeton cliffs or beyond in North Easterly winds


Paragliding at Primrose Valley is from clay and grass cliffs. 10ft initial drop shelving to the beach.

Some parts of the original launch area are overgrown with dense weeds.

Cliffs to the north rise up to 150ft towards Filey and 400ft South towards Speeton.


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Grade of Pilot:

Suitable for all grades.

Paraglider pilots are limited to lighter winds unless they are very competent at ‘Constant Control Technique’ launches on a slope in a reasonable wind.

Top landings on Paragliders are possible, although become difficult in stronger winds as you have to land VERY CLOSE (within 10/15ft) to the cliff edge.

If in doubt, land on the beach.

Access & Parking:

Just off theA165 at the junction marked “PrimroseValley Holiday Village” (1mile South of Filey).

Follow the road and bear left at mini roundabout then on to a parking area on the cliff top.

A charge may be payable in the summer months.


On the road just past the entrance to the car park.

Guidance and Information:

As paragliding at Primrose Valley is our only true East cliff site, it can be difficult to launch in a fresh breeze due to rotor.  Therefore, you need to carefully pick your spot on the cliff to inflate.

For more experienced pilots there is the challenge of flying South to Reighton, Speeton or even Bempton Cliffs. If you are tempted, note that it is often more difficult to get back than it is to get there, especially when the wind is NE.

There is a difficult traverse to get across 700m of low sloping cliffs to the South but plenty of beach landing opportunities and well worth the challenge.

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