Paragliding Coaches within the club who are willing and able to help new and upcoming pilots.

Andy Berzins

Chief Coach
Hornsea Area



Andy took up Hang gliding in 1987 with Keith Cockroft; and Paragliding in 1994 with Ian Currer of Northern Paragliding.

Once qualified, he made the decision to join the Cayley club and immediately made friends with Harry Postill, Tony Dew and Trevor Lowe. He later met Tony Johnson, who offered a lot of support and coaching. As a result, Andy progressed quickly, becoming a coach in 2000, earning his Pilot and Advanced Pilot ratings and eventually becoming a Senior Coach and Chief Coach of the Cayley club.

He is passionate about giving back to the club that made it all possible for him and has held a variety of roles, including that of Chairman, Sites Officer, Safety Officer and Chief Coach. Andy believes that safety in paragliding is critical and that Coaching and continuous pilot development are important in keeping pilots safe and enjoying their flying. Andy has flown all over the world including many parts of Europe, logging over 2,000 hours in the past 30 years.

His favourite sites are Millington in the UK and Rodella in the Dolomites. Andy works abroad a lot, but when he’s back in the UK he is likely to be found out on a hill somewhere in the North of England on any flyable day.

Dominic Curran

Senior Coach
York Area


Dominic first tried paragliding in 1991 but due to work commitments and international assignments didn’t get to paraglide again until 20 years later when he qualified with FlySpain in 2011.

Even then and based in the Vale of York he found it difficult to find flying opportunities. The first 30 hours post-CP are often the most difficult for new pilots and this is when they really need help from friendly coaches: to understand flying sites, weather conditions and to learn what is possible and safe for them.

It was only when he joined the Cayley Club in 2015 that things really began to happen. Four extremely friendly and helpful pilots; Harry Postill, Richard Sewell, Geoff Moses and Ron Chipman went out of their way to make it possible for Dominic to get in the air. Thanks to their help, he has racked up hundreds of hours, flown abroad, completed SIV training and earned his Advanced Pilot rating and become a coach of the Cayley Club.

He is most likely to be seen flying at the coast, in the Lake District or in Annecy in France. Dominic is retired and available to fly any day of the week.

Ian Currer

Paragliding, Hang gliding & Tandem
Pocklington Area



Ian is considered one of the pioneers of Hang gliding and Paragliding in the UK.

He learnt to fly back in the 1970s when there were few, if any, recognised schools. In the early days, he flew with Mark Dale (Author of “The Pilot handbook”) and Michel Carnet (former Paramotor World Champion).

In 1989 he created Northern Paragliding and Sunsoar and in 1991 wrote the iconic book “Touching Cloudbase”. Ian retired from Northern Paragliding in 2014 and went on to become a Technical Officer for the BHPA.

Today he travels the world running Coaching training courses, organising Instructor exams and developing the new SIV syllabus. Ian continues to fly all over the world and has logged well over 3,000 hours on hang gliders, paragliders, paramotors, flex-wings and three-axis microlights.

When back home in the UK, Ian is most likely to be found paragliding on the East coast, the Peak District and in the Yorkshire Dales.

Richard Shirt

York Area



Richard began paragliding in 2002 and after qualifying joined the Cayley & Dales clubs. While flying at Bridlington as a novice pilot, he met Hamish Tsai and Richard Carter who took him under their wing and helped him progress rapidly in his first few years of paragliding.

With Hamish, Richard and Tim Rood, Richard travelled all over Scotland, England and Wales, flying most weekends and learning how to fly cross country. He became a coach in 2003/4, learning a great deal from Ed Cleasby, Chief Coach of the DHPC.

In Switzerland, he further honed his thermalling and cross country skills under the guidance of CFI Mark Shaw. Richard went on to earn his Pilot rating, logging over 700 hours to date. He is currently on the committee of the Sir George Cayley Sailwing Club and looks after the competitions and all matters of technology.

Richard is most likely to be found flying at Millington, Bridlington and the sites along the Filey bay coastline. His favourite site is Bradwell in Derbyshire. He is generally available to fly at weekends.

Harry Postill

Pocklington Area



Harry took up Paragliding in 1992 and fell in love with the sport from the moment his feet left the ground.

As a newly qualified Club Pilot, he initially found it difficult to get out flying. However, this all changed when he joined the Cayley club and met up with former Club Coaches Steve Pickering and Simon Farrier. Steve also inspired him to try to hang gliding, which he took up from 1994 until 1999.

Harry has flown hundreds of hours both home and abroad and is most likely to be found at the Model Ridge, Carlton Bank, the Hole of Horcum, the Lake District and in Annecy, France.

Harry has been a coach since 2000 and is very keen to help any new paraglider pilot. He is semi-retired and therefore available to help any day of the week except Saturday

Geoff Moses

Hull Area



Geoff learnt to fly over 30 years ago; starting with Hang gliding in 1986, paramotoring in the late 2000s and then Paragliding in 2013.

He understands first-hand the importance having someone to help you get past the difficult first 20-30 flying hours; and owes a large debt of gratitude to CFI Steve Hudson and fellow pilot Ron Chipman for helping him in the early days and throughout his flying career.

Geoff is very keen to give back to the sport he loves and is always ready to help new pilots. He believes that if just one piece of advice makes a pilot (and the sky we all share) safer, then it is worth the time and effort to be a Coach.

Geoff is Pilot rated and to date, he has flown over 1,000 hours; many of those in just the past five years thanks to his flying buddies, Ron Chipman, Steve Hook, Dave Macdonald, Robin Scott and Steve Pickering. Geoff is a Paragliding and Hang gliding Coach for the Cayley Club and Paragliding coach for the Derbyshire Soaring Club.

He is most likely to be found flying at his favourite sites, Filey Bay on the East coast; or Mam Tor and Bradwell in the Peak District.

Richard Sewell

Pocklington Area



Richard began paragliding in 2000 with Northern Paragliding.

After qualifying, he joined the Cayley club and met up with Andy Berzins who made a huge effort to get him out flying, especially at coastal sites like Reighton & Bridlington. Shortly afterwards he met Harry Postil, Tony Dew & Trevor Lowe, who introduced him to inland sites like the Model Ridge and the Yorkshire Dales.

With his new friends, Richard was able to fly sites all over the UK and Europe and makes a point of getting away at least three or four times a year, most often to the Alps, the Pyrenees, Dolomites, Portugal, Greece, Turkey or Spain.

Richard believes that the social aspect is really important and is keen to help and encourage any new pilots who want to fly as much as he does. He recognises that paragliding has helped him develop life-long friendships and taken him to so many places that he would never have thought possible. As a result, he is keen to give back to the sport that made this all possible.

Richard has flown over 1,000 hours, is Pilot rated and completed his siv training. His favourite places to fly are the Lake District in the UK and the Dolomites in Europe.

Nicky Baxter

Whitby Area



Nicky learnt to paraglide in 2018 with Dean Crosby of Active Edge. He immediately joined the North Yorks Sailwing Club where he met some very friendly and helpful pilots, Andy Smith, Ian Hutchinson & Mark Leach.

Shortly afterwards he joined the Cayley club and became a member of a very active coaching group.  Dominic Curran and Richard Shirt run this group.  Later, on an invited coaching trip to Annecy, to complete his Pilot tasks.  It was also a chance to improve his ground handling and learn how to fly safely in the mountains. He enjoyed Annecy so much that he stayed in the area for a further three months.

Within his first year, Nicky flew over 100 hours, earned his BHPA Pilot rating and became a Club Coach for the Cayley Club.

He also flew in Morocco, the Pyrenees and Alicante. Nicky is passionate about Paragliding and plans to return to Annecy this year to complete his Advanced Pilot tasks.  He also wants to spend some time flying in Austria and Turkey.

When he’s in the UK Nicky is most likely to be found on Model Ridge and the Hole of Horcum.

He is self-employed and can be available to help on any day it’s flyable.

Richard Plummer




Edward Cunliffe

Tim Rood

Robin Scott

Alex Colbeck