Paragliding at Bridlington


Grid Reference: TA19443 – 68125

Google Map Link: HERE

3 Word Location: HERE

Wind Direction: SE – SSE

Height: Take off is 40ft. The cliffs then rise to 120ft.


Paragliding at Bridlington is from a flat, cut grass cliff take of with rigging area for both hang gliders and paragliders.

Public right of access so it can get very busy with people and dogs off the lead.

NOTE: Coastguards to be informed by telephone (01262) 672317 or in person when collecting the signs!

Paragliding Bridlington Map

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Grade of Pilot:

Suitable for all level of PG pilots with some soaring experience.

Access & Parking:

Pay & display car park at take off open in the summer months. Access by public access path to cliff top.


On the road about 500 yards south of entrance to the car park.

Site Rules When Paragliding at Bridlington:

A) Cayley Club public warning signs must be used to mark out a take-off and landing area. (These are kept upstairs in the Coastguard station).
Due to increased security measure, you now have to ring the doorbell and wait for a member of the coastguard station to let you in.

B) When heading South of take-off, please do not fly beyond the Coastguard station.

C) No top landings when busy without a landing marshall.

D) No flying over the Southern end of the car park.

E) A launch/landing Marshall should be appointed if there are more than 5 people flying.
Tabards and a windsock are kept with the signs at the Coastguard station.

F) No flying at low level over the cliff top foot path.

Guidance and Information:

When paragliding at Bridlington, the lift band can be very narrow in parts and when trying to stay in it.  Pilots taking off in light winds will find themselves having to scratch very close to the cliff, especially just after launch.  Paraglider take-offs are difficult in winds above 16 mph.

Launching and top landings require marshalling due to the number of spectators getting up close at busy times of the year.  Public safety is paramount, if you are in any doubt about the top landing, please find a safe place to land on the beach.

Beware of flying past South Landing as bottom landings are difficult and non-existent at high tide.  When top landing DO NOT go behind the fence bordering the Golf Course. This landing area has claimed plenty of victims and aluminium already!

PG pilots need to be aware that in fresher winds (14mph +) the Sewerby cliff area should be treated with caution, flying well out from the cliff to avoid the possibility of being blown back. N.B. It is vital that we do not antagonise or impede passersby, or worse, do anything that could put a member of the public at risk. That would inevitably lead to calls to ban us.

Paragliding at Bridlington has been sanctioned by the Council (2014) who were happy with the measures we have put in place. However, it is important to adhere to the site rules!

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