Paragliding at Millington

Grid Reference: OS 1:50,000 – SE 834514

Google Map Link: HERE

Wind Direction: NW – Can be flown in light conditions from West to North

Height: 600ft AMSL


Paragliding at Millington from a shallow grassy inland ridge.  It is tree covered to the South and the main slope has patches of gorse.

The North having restrictions due to power lines on the hillside and the Equestrian unit (allow a minimum of 1000 ft above take off before over-flying this farm.)

The site has a well deserved reputation for being turbulent but offers good cross country flying potential for the experienced pilot.


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Grade of Pilot:

Pilot rated or above.

Access & Parking:

Park off the road on the wide verge in front of the wood and walk along the southern side of the strip of rough grass between the fields until you join the public footpath.

When you reach the fence, follow it to the left and down the wood side until you reach the double fence post where you will see the insulated top wire.

Lift the wire loop and temporarily remove the thinner post attached to the strand of barbed wire (with it’s wire loop) and step carefully over before replacing the post.

(Note: the landowner has placed an isolator for the electric fence in this location. If you turn it off to enter the field, make sure you turn it back on). If pilots are seen climbing the fence, permission to use the site WILL BE WITHDRAWN!

NOTE: Pilots can wait near the bench on the public footpath for space.



Site Rules When Paragliding at Millington:

A) Club members only.

B) Pilot level or above.

C) A photograph of your wing must be sent to a Club official for the landowner to be able to ascertain who is flying there. (Please do not take individual photos directly to the landowner.) If there is stock in the field, the owner has asked that the first to arrive ground handles a little before flying. This will reduce the stress caused by gliders suddenly taking off.

D) Do not land, take off or ground handle in the field directly behind takeoff.

E) Do not fly when there is a shooting party in the wood!

F) Maximum of 8 pilots in the air or on the ground.

Guidance and Information:

When paragliding at Millington, pilots will need to be very competent in all aspects of flying.  Hence the requirement for pilot level.

Pilots should satisfy themselves that they are in the best area for taking of depending on wind conditions. Good slope landing techniques are essential as there is no top landing.  There is a restricted bottom landing at the foot of the main slope.

A combination of stronger winds and thermal activity can cause extreme turbulence. Gliders have frequently been seen to suddenly drop several meters (dangerous if flying at low levels).

Pilots must keep a good look-out and be prepared to land early to allow other pilots who may be low to make a slope landing.

Pilots should NOTAM before flying midweek.

There are many hazards, trees, gorse, rabbit holes, power lines, fences etc, however flights in excess of 70km are possible for the experienced x/c pilot.

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